Baltimore Probate

Estate Administration and Probate

Not only is the death of a loved one difficult emotionally, it's difficult legally. The probate process often produces a lot of questions. This website is designed to answer these questions. Baltimore area probate lawyers can help!

Maryland Estate Administration

We aim for this site to be your source for Maryland Estate Administration.  This includes probate, trusts, asset transfers, and numerous other things that might be involved legally and financially after the death of a loved one.

Personal Representatives

We define what it means to be a personal representative, what a personal representative must know, and what he or she must do.  The job of personal representative is not one to be taken lightly.  The PR as they are known has important ethical and legal duties.  The wishes of the deceased are carried out largely through the PR.

Estate Administration Lawyers

If you, either as personal representative or merely as someone else involved, need a lawyer to assist with the estate administration, we can help.  The process can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t do it regularly.  And almost no one does it regularly except for estate administration or probate lawyers.

Baltimore Probate Lawyer

This area of the law is very location specific.  The laws are the same throughout the state of Maryland, but the procedures and the nuance are different from county to county.  Our focus is in the Baltimore area, though we are able to assist with cases elsewhere.  We have dealt with multiple other jurisdictions including PG County, Montgomery County and the Eastern Shore.