Baltimore Probate

The Estate

General Information

An estate is the property of a decedent.  This property can include anything from bank accounts to vacation homes, and everything in-between.  The process of opening an estate can be daunting.  This section is designed to assist you in the process of beginning to manage a decedent’s assets.  There are many forms that are necessary throughout the estate administration, so it is important to navigate through the whole website to make sure you are dotting every (i) and crossing every (t).  The section below is the first step necessary in opening the estate.

Opening the Estate

Did the decedent live in Maryland? The Last Will and Testament, including any existing Codicil (s) (supplements), must be filed at the Register of Wills in the same county where the decedent domiciled (lived in/had a permanent home).  It is important to check for supplements before filing.  If  the decedent lived in Maryland, all of the […]

Letters of Administration

General Definition The Letter of Administration is a document issued by the Register of Wills that authorizes the personal representative to administer the estate.  This is the first step in initiating the process of estate administration, and no action can be taken without a Letter of Administration in hand. Who is granted these letters? The […]


General Information There are many required forms for estate administration and the probate process.  This page will assist you with the guidelines for each form, due dates, and what is required for each one.  While this page lists the most common forms, it does not list them all.  Some forms are confusing and rarely used. […]


General Information An inventory is one of the many responsibilities of the personal representative.  The inventory is a list of all of the property solely owned by the decedent, including the decedent’s interest in tenants in common property (property that the decedent had a undivided interest in with at least one other person, with no […]

Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number

General Information The decedent and their estate are two separate taxable entities.  It is necessary to obtain this  federal estate tax number, which is also called an “employer identification number,” or  EIN. How do I obtain an EIN? Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) are issued free of charge by the Internal Revenue Service.  The easiest way […]